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Was machen die führenden Companys besser und anders. Wo liegen deren Erfolge?

Sichern Sie sich jetzt dieses Wissen und bestellen Sie die Studien der Top Internet-Unternehmen und der Top Internet-Märkte.

Wir sind der deutsche Vertriebspartner des führenden amerikanischen Research-Unternehmens ActivMedia. ACTIVMEDIA

ActivMedia hat sich die Erforschung der Online-Märkte und ihrer Unternehmen zum Ziel gesetzt. Seit 1994 erforscht das Team  erfolgreich die Daten, Zahlen und Fakten der E-Commerce-Märkte. ActivMedia hat sich auf quantitative Online-Marketing Studien  spezialisiert, die gestützt werden durch Erhebungen, Analysen und Fallstudien. Durch eine der größten Datenbanken werden die Kunden umfassend unterstützt. Partner in Asien und Europa machen ActivMedia zu einem der weltweit führenden Research-Unternehmen. 

Zu den bisherigen Kunden zählen: Andersen Consulting , Bank of Boston , BellSouth , Compaq , CyberSource , Federal Express , Hewlett-Packard , IBM , Intel , Lucent Technologies , McKinsey , Microsoft , NASA , Open Market , Price Waterhouse , Swedish Trade Council , VISA World Trade Organization

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Real Numbers Behind Website Promotion 2000

Real Numbers Behind Web Hosting & Development 2000 - 4th August
Real Numbers Behind E-Transactions, Fraud & Security - Aug. 31

Real Numbers 2000 Sector Profiles ...
Business-to-Business Online (August 2000)
Online Business-to-Consumer Vendors (September 2000)
Media, Portal, Info & Publishing Sites (October 2000)
ISP / ASP Web Business (October 2000)

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Die US-Unternehmen sind uns 2-3 Jahre voraus. Lernen Sie jetzt von den Top-Companys der Internetbranche
AKTUELLE STUDIEN über den US-Online Markt Stand: 21.7.2000 (nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich)

• _________No. 1
Real Numbers Behind Successful Website Promotion 2000
(July 2000, $1,495)

What is optimal promotion for one site may registered at the bottom of the barrel for another. Sites vary widely in their purpose, mission, and web orientation. With all these variances, it's nearly impossible to say what's best for anyone. Our recent survey indicated, however, that in practical use, Web businesses are opting for specific promotional methods over others. This study identifies tried and proven methods of online promotion that when combined with offline techniques, drive the greatest traffic which leads to the greatest number of sales.

• _________No. 2 Real Numbers Behind ‘Net Profits 2000 (June 2000, $ 2,995)

Today, E-Commerce generates $132 Billion in revenues worldwide. There is no question that online revenues will continue to expand, but what really counts is profitability. Being in the black takes a keen understanding of how to spot trends that create new business growth opportunities. The greatest challenge then is to be first-to-market with the products and/or services before competition gets fierce. The Real Numbers Behind ‘Net Profits study gives you a clear picture of E-Commerce activity in the Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Media/Portal and ISP/ASP segments. Its insight into the next five years as it relates to the online world of today is powerful information that will help any Web business grow.

• _________No. 3
Strategies of The Top 100 Retail Websites (April 2000, $1,495)

What's your strategy for long-term E-Commerce success? Learn what today's leading websites are doing to capture the lion's share of online revenues. See which industries are leading in revenue generation and why. The study profiles 100 winners such as AOL, Northwest, Dell, Mercata, Ehobbies, MotherNature, and much more. It is a must-read for any business looking to improve their E-commerce position, sell into the leading websites or understand the secrets of why these sites are so successful.

• _________No. 4 Capturing Online Markets: The Definitive Guide to Consumer Loyalty (February 2000, $2,995)

"Capturing Online Markets: The Definitive Guide To Consumer Loyalty" explores the essence of Consumer Loyalty Online. This study examines online purchase patterns 2,250 qualified and experienced cyber-shoppers. Online shopping patterns reveal 10 natural cyber-markets, composed of 33 product groups, that offer growth paths for online businesses. More importantly, common threads, major market differences, winning strategies for product and website marketeers, and opportunities to cross-sell are detailed in this eye-opening data, providing insight into how online buyers and markets are evolving - knowledge crucial for developing effective e-marketing strategy.

• _________No. 5 The Online Consumer: Profiles & Emerging Markets

(April 2000, $495 )

Today's online consumer is far more mainstream and bring traditional tastes with them. It is fair to say that tomorrow's online citizen will resemble today's offline consumer and will reshape Web-based businesses. The question is, how will cyberspace strategy have to evolve to address the marketplace of tomorrow rather than the marketplace of yesterday? What are the implications of this changing demographic for today's business executives? To understand the Internet of tomorrow it is vital to understand the online consumer of tomorrow. Profiles of online consumers in this report reveal the changing shape of the demographic and psychographic factors that drive markets, as well as online purchasing patterns and personal spending information. Biases due to gender, education, income, family style and geography contribute to the changing complexion of online markets. This is a must-read for any company looking to thrive online.

• _________No. 6 Computers, Office Products & Home Electronics: Building Consumer Loyalty Online
(May 2000, $1,295 )

This comprehensive quantitative study of online purchases examines how online vendors selling Computer & Office Supplies can do right by these buyers. This study explores the attributes that stimulated their most recent purchases, what websites can do to attract and retain customers, and how to become a bookmarked site that the customer returned to time and time again for repeat buys. Buying patterns and preferences are examined in this recent report, including what the differences are among those making purchases for work or for home/personal use. The findings are insightful. These buyers know what they want and at what price, but they demand a lot from their online vendor. It explores online purchases among Computer & Software, Electronics & Appliances, Camera, and Office Supplies & Stationery products.

• _________No. 7 Fashion & Style: Building Consumer Loyalty Online

(February 2000, $1,295 )

Online Fashion & Style markets have been jump-started in the past year by the influx of main-stream consumers that comprise the bulk of 'Netizens arriving online today. The question is, who will own the online Fashion & Style business? In this comprehensive, highly detailed study, ActivMedia Research investigates the foundation of consumer loyalty to Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories, Home & Garden, Furniture & Appliances, and Sporting Gear. This factual report examines in detail the mechanisms that build consumer loyalty for the category as a whole: who the buyers are, where they live and work, how to reach them, what they seek online and how to extend product lines to cater to their broader interests. The research also explores detailed differences in marketing specific Fashion & Style Products to online consumers, highlighting nuances and variations that can maximize marketing potential by optimizing cross-selling strategy .

• _________No. 8 Consumable Products: Building Consumer Loyalty Online
(January 2000, $1,295)

The report details the mechanisms that build consumer loyalty for the category as a whole … who the buyers are, where they live and work, how to reach them, what they seek online and how to extend product lines to cater to their broader interests. It also explores detailed differences in marketing specific Consumable products to consumers, highlighting nuances and variations that can maximize marketing potential.

• _________No. 9 The State of One to One Online (February 2000, $895 )

Peppers and Rogers Group, the premier Customer Relationship Management consulting firm, presents customer relationship lessons from the world's top 1to1 Web sites. The State of One to One Online provides examples of successful implementations of the technologies that make CRM and 1to1 marketing possible, but it also concludes that no firm has yet achieved an insurmountable lead in building 1to1 relationships with the best customers in its industry. In virtually every category, there is still plenty of room for other competitors to move quickly, adopt more of the functionality described in this report, and consolidate a competitive advantage.
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